1 Island Exchanges

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Move your mouse over the image and pause on things to see information 'pop ups' (blue shapes). Click for more when the hand icon appears (red shapes). This illustration has 13 red shapes and 6 blue shapes - can you find them all? The answers can be found here - don't cheat!

Cranial modification
Macaw/parrot feathers
Anthropomorphic celt
Wooden bowl of maize stew
Anthropomorphic cemi
Stone beads
Belt with shell beads
Cotton hammock
Cotton Apron
Ear flare
Red body paint
Black body paint
Cranial modification
Beaded cap
Gold nostril ornament

Island Exchanges

A Hispaniolan (Taíno) emissary presents a siba (stone celt) to the Lucayan cacique (chief), who welcomes him to his village with an entourage of family members ceremonially painted and attired in a rich variety of stone and shell bead body ornaments (including belts, naguas – women’s aprons, necklaces and ear flares). 

The emissary has come to offer in trade the stone artefacts from his village - not available in the Lucayan archipelago - for the small shell beads so expertly made in the region. 

The ceremonial nature of this exchange underscores that these inter-island connections were not simply about accessing materials and artefacts, but about the social connections that bound people together in these long-distance networks.


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