Key to Educational Resource Links and Popups

You may have asked the students to try and find all of the blue and red shapes across the educational images. Above each image it tells you how many can be found in that unit. The answers are below:

Unit 1: Island Exchanges

13 Red: Celt, red body paint, anthropomorphic celt, basket of celts, feathers, wooden bowl, shell bead belt, anthropomorphic cemi, stone beads, cotton hammock, duho, black body paint, houses

6 Blue: Ear flare, cotton apron, nostril ornament, bead cap, cranial modification x 2,

Unit 2: Journey's End

12 Red: Canoe, imported ceramics, parrot, body painting, dog, hutias, ceramics, celts, feathers, paddle, basket, hafted axe

5 Blue: Stone pendants, maize, tubers, oysters, papayas,

Unit 3: Cassava and Mischief

4 Red: Ceramics, dog x 2, parrot.

8 Blue: Press frame, manioc pounder, manioc press, manioc pulp, grater board, basket of manioc tubers, cassava bread, griddle.

Unit 4: Fisherfolk

2 Red: Spear, canoe

7 Blue: Parrot fish, grunt, parrot fish, grouper, turtle, snapper, conch,

Unit 5: Islands Harvest

2 Red: Hutia, cassava bread

15 Blue: Condiment sauce, salt, pepper pot, poles, dipper, basting sauces, grill, barracuda, man stoking coals, iguana, conch, maize, parrot fish, conch, lobster

Unit 6: Canoe Builders

3 Red: Canoe, charred wood, hafted axe

13 Blue: Man stoking fire, man wetting wood, man fanning flames, man hewing charred wood, man collecting charcoal, man carving prow, shark tooth tools, stone maul, 5 water gourds

Unit 7: The Weavers

11 Red: House x 2, loom and weaving tools, hammock, dog, parrot, spindles x 2, whorls x 2, bowl

3 Blue: Woven mat x 2, basket of cotton

Unit 8: Beadmakers

14 Red: Cassava and mischief scene, body painting x 4, storage basket, basket of beads, bowl of drilled beads, strung beads x 3, string of beads for quality control, bowl of drilled beads, bowl of undrilled beads

8 Blue: Shark skin, bowl of water, pump drill, drilling board, stone drill bits, stone knapping base, shark tooth knives, cordage

Unit 9: Palmetto Potters

19 Red: Canoe x 2, body painting x 8, woven mats, dried pots ready for firing, pots drying, griddle drying, bowl being decorated, feathers, shell beads x 3

7 Blue: Crushed conch, raw clay, clay being kneaded, bowl of water and dipper, pot being smoothed, pottery firing hearth, firewood